Hottest Architectural Styles in Corona Del Mar

Hottest Architectural Styles in Corona Del Mar

Nestling along the southern tip of Newport Beach is Corona del Mar, one of California's most coveted residential havens. With its nickname "Crown of the Sea," this charming seaside village is a popular destination for affluent home buyers and visitors seeking surf, sand, and fresh ocean breezes. With pristine beaches, picturesque views, eclectic shops, award-winning restaurants, and a serene atmosphere, Corona del Mar is a welcome respite for those lucky enough to call it home. Beyond its natural beauty and peaceful setting, Corona del Mar is famous for its diverse architectural home styles that elevate Southern California's prestigious coastal lifestyle a notch higher. This blog explores some of the hottest Corona del Mar architecture the neighborhood has to offer.

California beach cottage

We begin our journey across Corona del Mar's stunning neighborhoods with a home style that best represents the relaxed and breezy coastal California lifestyle: the California beach cottage. Vintage beach cottage styles feature charming and relaxed designs incorporating elements that reflect the cozy seaside lifestyle.

Most of Corona del Mar's classic cottages date back to the early 1930s but have been updated to suit modern consumers' preferences. The cottages feature exposed wood beams, hardwood doors, and bright living rooms with large windows that maximize natural light and airflow. Several cottages here have sloping roofs, shingle siding, and small patios, decks or balconies where residents can enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and outdoor activities.

The interiors of California beach cottages often emphasize comfort and relaxation. You may find open floor plans, light-colored walls, and a mix of natural materials, such as wood and stone. The nautical or coastal-themed decor is also common, with colors drawing inspiration from the sea and beach.

Mid-century modern

Dating from between 1945 and the 1970s, mid-century modern is a distinctive style characteristically displaying a unique blend of functionality, simplicity, and aesthetic appeal. With their minimalist style and beachy flair, mid-century modern homes in Corona del Mar have flat, low-pitched roofs that contribute to the clean lines of the style.

Designers favored materials such as wood, stone, and brick, which they used both in their natural state and in innovative ways to create exciting textures and patterns. The spaces are often open and clutter-free to make excellent use of the cool breeze and oceanic views while allowing abundant light into the interiors. Like beach cottages, many of Corona del Mar's mid-century modern homes have benefited from recent updates to enhance their livability.

Spanish Colonial revival

Spanish Colonial style draws inspiration from the architecture of Spanish colonists, featuring stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, wrought iron accents, and ornamental details. Other ornate decorative ideas draw from later periods of Spanish architecture, revealing the influence of Gothic, Byzantine, Moorish, and Renaissance design.

The style gained popularity in Corona del Mar in the early 20th century after the Panama-California Exposition in San Diego in 1915. Notable modern features of this style include white or light-colored stucco exteriors that create a smooth and textured appearance while regulating temperature to enhance the Mediterranean feel. Red clay barrel tiles often adorn the roofs, giving the homes a distinctive and iconic look reminiscent of Spanish architecture.

Other style hallmarks are arched doorways and windows that add a touch of elegance and provide a visual connection to traditional Spanish architecture. Many Spanish Colonial Revival homes in Corona del Mar have central courtyards or inner patios that offer ample spaces for residents to relax and enjoy the warm California climate. 


The Craftsman architectural style is one of the most popular in Corona del Mar today. This style dates back to the 19th century and emphasizes craftsmanship and attention to detail. It often includes exposed rafters, overhanging eaves with exposed rafters and beams, and handcrafted woodwork. Their exteriors emphasize harmony with surrounding nature, with most roof colors taking natural brown, green, and red hues.

Craftsman-style interiors include open floor plans and a variety of built spaces to accommodate add-ons, such as bookcases, cabinetry, nooks, and window seats. Other notable characteristics are front porches that add charm while providing a warm, inviting setting and double-hanging windows to enhance views and let in natural light.


Contemporary architecture embraces the latest build trends and innovations to bring a touch of modernity to the Corona del Mar real estate landscape. It can vary widely in its aesthetics, often featuring unconventional shapes, materials, and large windows to create a sense of openness and connection with the surroundings.

It often embraces a minimalist philosophy, avoiding clutter and incorporating only essential furnishings and décor items. Functional purpose and clean design dictate the choice of furniture in contemporary spaces. Geometric shapes, smooth surfaces, and a lack of ornate details often characterize pieces.

While the overall style is minimalist, contemporary interiors might include bold accents in the form of artwork, vibrant textiles, or statement furniture pieces. These accents provide a focal point and a touch of personality.


The Mediterranean style features a warm and an inviting aesthetic, reminiscent of coastal villas and estates along the Mediterranean coastline.

One of the most common features is the stucco exteriors with oversized loggias and patios that enhance the village's seaside setting. Distinctive red clay tiles that provide a timeless and rustic appearance usually adorn the roofs. You will also find decorative wrought iron details often used for railings, gates, light fixtures, and window grilles.
A short trip across different parts of the community will expose you to several unique interpretations of the Mediterranean style. One of these is Tuscan homes with bolded features, including imposing stone or stucco walls, stately columns, bold tile roofs, and abundant archways. The style borrows heavily from Tuscany's posh aesthetics, which are grander than most Italian and Mediterranean styles.

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Known for its natural beauty, extensive beaches, and posh seaside village, Corona del Mar is one of Orange County's hottest property markets, often drawing luxury buyers looking for prestigious homes to invest in. It offers several landmark places to visit, including some of South California's trendiest shops and restaurants.

The older area of Corona del Mar is home to close spaces — free-standing detached family houses of diverse architecture running along the Pacific Coast Highway. Newer developments are concentrated mostly in Harbor View Hills and feature Mediterranean styles, many with expansive ocean views. use our Free Home Valuation Tool

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